Saturday, 2 February 2013

My Favourite Blushers

This was so hard to choose just 5. One of my favourite blushers I actually use to contour so I left it out and will do a 'My Favourite Contour Shades' post at some point this week.

berry light+Mata Hari+desire+desert rose

L-R Vivo Baked Blush - Rouge Shimmer, 
Estee Lauder Signature Satin Creme Blush - Berry Light,
NARS - Mata Hari, NARS - Desire, MAC - Desert Rose.

Mata Hari+berry light+desire+desert rose

Clockwise Estee Lauder Signature Satin Creme Blush - Berry Light, Vivo Baked Blush - Rouge Shimmer, NARS - Mata Hari,  
MAC - Desert Rose, NARS - Desire.

Mata Hari+desire+desert rose+berry light

L-R MAC - Desert Rose,
Estee Lauder Signature Satin Creme Blush - Berry Light, 
Vivo Baked Blush - Rouge Shimmer, NARS - Mata Hari,  
NARS - Desire. 

1. MAC -Desert Rose £17.50 here
If you've read my Favourite Nude Lipsticks Post you will not be surprised to learn that as well as my dusky pink lipstick obsession I'm also a huge fan of dusky pink blushers. 
They're just so easy to wear! A nice natural flush.
Desert Rose is a matte formulation which I also favour, I like my blusher to be matte then strategically add my highlighter.
Desert Rose is highly pigmented, finely milled, very blendable and on me, lasts all day.

2. Estee Lauder Signature Satin Creme Blush - Berry Light
Firstly let me apologise for the state this blush is in. My daughter (Lyla 2yrs) has a fascination with mummys makeup and is slowly but surely ruining it all! I can't repurchase this blush as it is no longer for sale, I'm not sure if it was limited edition or has been discontinued, either way I'm gutted especially as my little angel gouged so much of it out! Luckily a little goes a long way.
This is a creme to powder blush, I've found the best way to apply it is with fingers or a beauty blender. Its like the creme version of the former blush (yet another dusky pink product), its very natural, easy to wear and long lasting. 

3. Vivo Baked Blush - Rouge Shimmer £4 here
Vivo was doing the rounds on beauty blogs over the summer, I had a look for their stand in Tescos while I was doing my shopping but my local store doesn't stock their products. I wasn't too bothered if im honest, I do like trying out new brands especially when I've heard rave reviews and their prices are very competitive but nothing caught my eye. Shortly after Christmas I got a marketing email from Vivo, they had an offer on which I can't remember but it was pretty good as when I started shopping on their site my shopping basket didn't seem to be going up in price no matter what I put in it. Anyway I picked up a good few baked blushers amongst other things ( haul when I get chance).
When I swatched this blush I could not wait to get it on my cheeks! As I said earlier I much prefer matte blushers but this is a shimmering blush and I love the sheen it gives. 
Its a beautiful true coral which really compliments my olive skintone. I use it as a blush and highlight, it applies sheer at first but colour builds really nicely, therefore I build the colour on my cheeks and use it sheerly down the bridge of my nose, cupids bow and tearduct area. Using a separate highlighter would be total glitter ball face. I already know I'm going to get so much wear out of this come summer, its the perfect summery blush.

4. NARS - Mata Hari £21.50 here
Mata Hari is not a million miles away from my beloved dusky pink but leans slightly more cool toned. It has a matte finish and is very natural on the cheeks. In my opinion Mata Hari is such a versatile shade it would look gorgeous and natural on everybody. 
As with NARS blushers in general Mata Hari is packed with pigment and therefore I can see it lasting me pretty much forever as you only need a light hand to apply.
You may already be aware but if not I'm giving away this blush to one lucky follower here.

5. NARS - Desire £21.50 here
I have no idea what made me buy this blush but I'm glad I did. It's really different than what I usually go for and so bright! 
Desire is a blue based bright bubblegum pink, sounds really scary but you can build it up or sheer it out as much as you want. 
As I said earlier NARS blushers are highly pigmented and this is no exception. It has a matte finish which as I've said already is what I prefer my blushers to have.
I tend to reach for Desire when I'm looking particularly pale and need a complexion pick me up or for a night out.

What are your favourite blushers? Do you own any of these?

Disclaimer: All links are provided for your convenience, I am not affiliated with any of these companies. 


  1. Mata hari by nars is my favourite at the minute

    1. Gorgeous isn't it? Suits everyone that's why I chose it for my giveaway xx

  2. I totally agree it is so hard to choose just five. I love blushers and I have desert rose from them and I love the Estee Lauder packaging x

    1. I was there for so long choosing the 5! Estee Lauder do everything so classy don't they? X

  3. Desire and Mata Hari are too beautiful x