Tuesday, 5 February 2013

d.j.v. Beautenizer Mascaras Reviewed

djv beautenizer

Always on a quest to find the perfect mascara I spotted these in a duo set on Cult Beauty a few weeks ago and was intrigued. I googled them and read some varied reviews so I decided to try them for myself. 
I got a pretty good deal, both mascaras for £27. Cult Beauty no longer have the duo for sale however you can buy them separately. After this review you may only want one of the two anyway. 

I think the simplest way of doing this review is looking at one at a time. So let's take a gander eh? 

d.j.v. Beautenizer - Fiberwig LX £18 here

What they say:
Fibrewig is a hi-tech fusion of brush-on, false-lash filaments & a hypoallergenic, liquid-to-film lash coating that you apply like regular mascara. The glossy formula holds the volumising, lengthening fibres in place for lashes so voluptuous you'll cause a breeze when you blinc. You can literally sleep in it & it won't flake or smudge, but removal is easy, with a quick soak in warm water it just slides off without any rubbing. As long as still wet, you can build up & out as much as you want.

Lets look at the brush seems as this is probably the first thing we do when buying a new mascara. 

djv beautenizer Fiberwig

Fairly basic lengthening style wand, curved to fit your eye shape with fairly short bristles.

What does it do? Lets see!

No makeup. 
(I struggled for light it's been a miserable day I can only apologise for how deathly white and washed out I look I was literally squashed against the window)

djv beautenizer Fiberwig

Curled Lashes with One Coat Applied

djv beautenizer Fiberwig

Two Coats

My Opinion:
I'm not going to beat around the bush, I don't like it! I don't think it does anything special. 
My lashes are fairly long naturally although the ends are very fair (no idea why, my hair is nearly black and I'm olive skinned).
 I would get the same outcome by curling my lashes and applying any bog standard mascara except unlike this I would be able to let a bog standard mascara dry between coats and build volume too.
Its not that Fiberwig does nothing, you can see little squiggly,  thin fibres on the ends of my lashes but I don't think that makes the lashes look longer, they just look a mess.
I feel that mascara is a very personal preference, I don't like it but that doesn't mean you wont. If you are already a lover of Fiberwig and disagree with me then please leave me a comment below. Tell me why you love it and how you use it and I'll give it a try.

d.j.v. Beautenizer - Volume Lash £18 here

What They Say:
Instead of fibres this mascara uses bodybuilding particles in the same 3D, film-coating formula as Fibrewig. Not for the fainthearted, this mascara gives you lashings of lashes so voluptuous & long they'll accentuate your eyes like a Manga cartoon. VL contains Panthenol for flexibility & definition, & a silk protein derivative for resilience. The formula is so budge-proof you can even sleep in it without smudging, plus it removes with a quick warm water soak so no rubbing or lash damage.

Lets have a nosey at the wand.

djv beautenizer volume Lash

I'm a lover of voluminous lashes,  the more va va voom the better! I favour huge bristle wands as in my experience they're the ones that give you the most volume.
When I saw this wand I was really disappointed and wasn't expecting anything from it, lets see how I got on eh?

green eye

No Makeup

djv beautenizer volume Lash

Curled Lashes, One Coat. 

djv beautenizer volume Lash

djv beautenizer volume Lash

Top - Two Coats Without Flash
Bottom - Two Coats with Flash

My Opinion:
The photos speak for themselves, I abso frickin lutely love it!
This is the best volumising mascara I've ever used!
The formula is like nothing I've used before, it's not dry but it's not wet. It's pretty thick but easy to work with. It's hard to explain the application but if I had to I would say it feels like dragging volume from the roots to the tips of your lashes. 
I usually wear one coat, I don't think it needs a second but that's just my preference. 
I will never be without this little magic wand for the rest of my life! I just can't see anything beating it, it's that good!

If you are wondering do they team up well to give length and volume? I experimented a little bit and this is what happened:

djv beautenizer

Volume Lash Over the top of Fiberwig 

djv beautenizer

Fiberwig Over the top of Volume Lash

My Opinion:
I wouldn't recommend using Volume Lash over Fiberwig unless it's Halloween! Again it's personal preference, you might like this look but to me it looks like tangled tree roots and I don't very much like to wear them on my face!
Fiberwig applies well over Volume Lash however to me it doesn't make enough of a difference to bother!  I'll just stick with my Volume Lash one coat wonder!

Have you tried either of these? How did you get on?
What's your HG mascara? 

Disclaimer: All products stated were purchased by myself with my own money. All views are my own. Links provided for your convenience I am not affiliated with any company spoken about.