Saturday, 26 January 2013

Favourite Lipsticks Part Three - Reds

L-R MAC - Russian Red, Lasting Finish by Kate - 107, 
Lasting Finish by Kate - 01, 
Revlon - 028 Cherry Blossom, OCC Lip Tar - Stalker
(Same Order in Swatches Below)

1. MAC - Russian Red - Matte £14 here
My swatch is pretty deceiving,  Russian Red is a blue toned red and shows up this way on my lips but in the swatch looks more yellow toned which I put down to my skintone. 
This is my most worn red, its very classic and easy to wear. A slick of black winged liner paired with this, glamour in minutes! 
Although this is a matte it is extremely easy to apply, it feels creamy as it goes on then dries completely matte.
The lasting power is phenomenal! It doesn't wear off at all just fades slightly throughout the day, therefore it requires very little upkeep and you don't have to worry if its on your teeth, it stays put!

2. Lasting Finish by Kate - 107 £5.49 here
The fact I have four 'Kate' lipsticks in three posts speaks volumes for the formulation. I love them! 
I'm not going to bore you talking about the formulation and finish, I have twice already. As you can see this is the darkest,  most blue toned of the five. I would say its more of a 'vampy' red a great alternative for those not keen on rocking black reds or dark plums.
The perfect wintery red!

3. Lasting Finish by Kate - 01 £5.49 here
The first 'Kate' lipstick I bought when they first came out, was it 2011 or early 2012? I can't quite remember. Anyway as I said above I won't bore you talking about the formulation and finish,  I'll just tell you a little bit about why I love this shade.
I would class this as your true red, it doesn't lean either way and therefore will look great on most. I find myself reaching for this shade more in the daytime, that's just personal preference. I prefer a darker blue toned red in the evening. 

4. Revlon - Cherry Blossom £7.49 here
This is a very pink red which I like for daytime.
The formula is very creamy and stays in place. This is my 'stick it in your bag' shade. It requires very little upkeep and I don't bother with a liner, it doesn't need it. It's just a nice all rounder to have to hand when you want a bit of colour. You can't go wrong with this.

5. OCC Lip Tar - Stalker £9.95 here
Wow! Just look at that pigmentation! What can I say about lip tars? Its all been said already. A tiny pin prick of this applied with a lip brush is enough to cover your lips and show off the vibrant colour. This does need a lip brush I wouldn't even attempt to apply it without. Which can be a pain if you want to take it out with you but there are so many retractable lip brushes around now that's easily solved. This will stain your lips which is great for an all day lip colour but be warned it can smear so watch your hands by your mouth as it will also stain anywhere else it gets. Best to keep a good coverage concealer with you just in case. Take this from somebody who was walking round town with it on her chin, so embarrassing! 

Do you have any of these lipsticks? How do you find them? Again if you have done a favourite lippies post please link it below so I can have a read. I love this type of post, what better recommendations can you get than somebodys favourites? 

Disclaimer: Links provided are for your convenience, I am not affiliated with any companies named.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Favourite Lipsticks Part Two - Pinks

best pink lipsticks

L-R Lime Crime - Centrifuchsia, MAC - Impassioned, Rimmel Moisture Renew - Oxford Street Fuchsia, Revlon - 002 Pink Pout, Lasting Finish by Kate Moss (for Rimmel) - 101
(Order is the same in picture below also)

pink lipstick swatches

1. Lime Crime - Centrifuchsia £11.50 here
Firstly I have to mention the packaging, I love pink, I love unicorns,  I love holographic sparkles but oh my word! This is hideous! 
Packaging aside this is absolutely beautiful. Its a bright,  blue toned (makes your teeth look whiter) pink and very richly pigmented, so much so I've actually found this to stain my lips. Some mightn't like this but I love the just bitten/berry stained hue it leaves behind.
As it is so highly pigmented I recommend you use a matching lip liner and and a lip brush to apply. The actual product is very creamy therefore application is a breeze.

2. MAC - Impassioned £14 here
This swatch is showing this up to look more red as it has a lot less blue than the lipsticks swatched either side. Impassioned is a yellow toned, bright pink. It is very complimentary to my yellow toned complexion, it is really brightening and brings any look to life.
Impassioned is an Amplified finish, another of my favourites. As the name suggests Amplifieds really pack a punch!
I love to wear this with a very natural makeup look, as it's so bright I feel this is the best way, neutral eyes, cheeks and a statement lip.

3. Rimmel Moisture Renew - Oxford Street Fuchsia £6.29 here
Hmmm the name of this lipstick is very misleading, this is not a fuchsia. I would describe it as more of a light bubblegum pink. Which sounds scary but it is very wearable. 
As I've said before I love the light, moisturising, vitamin packed formulation. It's not long wearing but that doesn't bother me, each application is more nourishment for my lips.

4. Revlon - 002 Pink Pout £7.49 here
Probably my most worn pink lipstick. It's one step up from a nude, slightly more pink than my usual everyday dusky pink nudes and lighter in colour, I would liken it to MAC Snob. Which I can't seem to find anywhere or it would be in my favourites. It's probably in one of my 8 billion handbags (slight exaggeration). Ive googled away to find a comparison which wasn't very hard is a post by Makeup and Macaroons which clearly shows how similar they are. Pink Pout is slightly warmer in tone and also more matte, if my memory serves me right Snob is a Satin finish.
Although it is a matte finish it is comfortable to wear and not at all drying yet still remains to be long wearing.

5. Lasting Finish by Kate Moss (for Rimmel) - 101 £5.49 here
Another shade I wear a lot. This is similar to the former although it is slightly darker and warmer. Another slightly more pink to be a nude shade but just as easy to wear.
As ive said before these are described as matte finish but there is a sheen to them. Nothing frosty but not flat matte.
It's comfortable to wear, goes on nicely and has a considerable amount of staying power to boot.

As I said on my nude lipsticks post I enjoy reading this type of post, if you have one please link it below. I would also love to hear any recommendations you think I should try.

Disclaimer: All links provided for your convenience, I am not affiliated with any of the companies. 

My Favourite Lipsticks Part One - Nudes

First of all let me apologise for the photo quality, the snow has melted and it has been so dull. I've been everywhere in the house and out in the garden but the lighting has been abysmal everywhere. I will therefore take better photos when the lighting improves and edit this post.

nude lipstick

L-R Kate Moss Lasting Finish - No19, Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick - Starlight, MAC - Shy Girl, Rimmel Moisture Renew - 720 Notting Hill Nude, Loreal Colour Riche - 102 Beige Praline.
(Photo Below in Same Order)

nude lipstick swatches

1. Kate Moss Lasting Finish - No19 £5.49 here
Where to begin? I LOVE this lipstick. The Formula is beautiful, so creamy, glides on and is richly pigmented. I can't quite explain the finish, I believe Rimmel describe these as matte I find it's sort of semi matte with a sheen and more comfortable to wear than a matte.
This is my most reached for nude at the moment. I prefer nudes that are more dusty rose, my lips but better shades and this is exactly that! It is slightly darker than my natural lip.
I have seen this called a dupe for Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle. I don't have the Chanel lipstick regrettably so I can't swatch however; I've had a good old Google and you can see the comparisons here on Flutura Whispers blog.

2. Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick - Starlight
Before I got the lipstick above this was my favourite nude, however I prefer the finish of the former lipstick. I have had this lipstick for a good while, since before my daughter was born so at least 3yrs. I think this is the oldest lipstick in my collection, it is probably past its use by date but I can't bring myself to chuck it especially as it's now been discontinued. Just my luck!
I would also describe this as semi matte however it doesn't have the sheen of the former. It is pretty much a match for my lip colour so it perfects the lip and looks really natural. 
This has the best staying power out of the five, it is extremely long lasting hence why a well used lipstick has lasted so long.

3. MAC - Shy Girl £14 here
Clearly the lightest nude in my favourites, totally different than the others. Shy Girl is more of a peach nude. 
I prefer to wear this during the summer when my skin is darker, as I have strong yellow undertones in my skin it can intensify them making me look like Marge Simpson. I do wear this during the winter but I will apply a dusty rose colour (predictably) over the top.
Its a Cremesheen finish which is my favourite of the MAC finishes. It's creamy, glossy and hydrating. Not very long wearing but most lipsticks do tend to wear off on me rather quickly,  maybe its because I never shut up!

4. Rimmel Moisture Renew - 720 Notting Hill Nude £6.29 here.
Yet another dusky pink nude although this is slightly lighter than the others. It still looks natural (obviously its a 'nude') but a little more 'done up!'. I like to team it with a Smokey Eye.
This formula is gorgeous as the name would suggest it is very moisturising and feels great on the lips.
It's not particularly long lasting but what moisturising lipsticks are? These are infused with vitamins A, C and E. It also has spf20. Who cares if you need to reapply you're conditioning your lips each time.

5. Loreal Colour Riche - 102 Beige Praline £6.19 here
This is the most brown toned nude in my collection, this is because they don't suit me particularly well. So why is this in my favourites? Because it has a frost finish (which I also don't like), it is packed with gold shimmer. I think that's why I can't get it to photograph particularly well. In the above swatch it shows a lot more yellow toned which I put down to the gold shimmer. Back to why I love it, it looks amazing with a tan! Natural or out of a bottle. I love a glowing, bronzed complexion. 
A look I like to wear a lot is light base, cream bronzer on all the high points of my face and through the eye sockets, golden highlighter, mascara and a slick of this on my lips. It really ties the look together. It gives the appearance and glow of somebody who's just returned from a fortnight in Tahiti!
This lipstick also contains omega oils so is also very nourishing, comfortable to wear but not particularly long lasting. 

I love this type of post, if you've done a post on this please link it in the comments, if not you can always just tell me your favourites below.

Disclaimer: Links provided are for your convenience, I am not affiliated with any of these companies.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

NARS Giveaway

Giveaway ♥

I have just noticed my little blog has hit 5000 page views, this probably doesn't sound much to you but to me this is huge! 

As you know I started my blog last year however due to illness ive only recently been able to start blogging properly. 

I want to say thank you to you all for not unfollowing while I was away for so long.

I am giving away a NARS blush in Mata Hari which is my favourite blush and also a universal shade which will suit all skintones.

Enter Below xxx

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Ginerva - Marvel Gel

Ginerva marvel gel

What It Claims:
1. Rubs Away Deep Layers of Dead Skin Cells
2. Rubs Away Blackheads Painlessly
3. Contracts Pores for Refined Skin
4. Lightens Black Spots Freckles and Scars
5. Removes Oil Seeds
6. Regulates Sebum Secretion to Prevent Pimples
7. Brightens Dull Complexion
8. Changes Dark, Rough Skin to Smooth Skin
9. Whitens Skin as it Gives Way to New Skin
10. Enhances Quick Absorbtion of Skincare Products

They're some seriously big claims, sounds like a miracle product right? It is!

My skin is combination, it's very dry except for my oily nose and part of my cheeks either side of my nose.

Its not often I get spots but I do have enlarged pores and a few small blackheads on my nose. Aswell as this I have a few patches of dry skin that I have not been able to get rid of with my clarisonic, scrubs or Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel (Although this did help a bit).

The first time I used the product my nose was cleared of all blackheads, my pores shrank and the problem dry patches were barely existent.

With continued usage my skin is perfectly clear, I don't have so much as a blemish, the dry patches have vanished completely and my satellite dish size pores are no longer visible.

I have noticed faster absorption of my serums and moisturisers. My skin is literally babys bum soft and my makeup glides on so much smoother. 

I haven't noticed my skin becoming lighter, although it is brighter which I believe is the actual aim as the product does not contain skin bleaching chemicals. 

Would I repurchase? I'll never be without it!

How To Use:
 Marvel Gel is to be applied to cleansed, dry skin with clean, dry fingertips. 
I squeeze a small amount (about the size of a 50p) onto the back of my hand as shown below.

Ginerva marvel Gel

With clean fingers I spread the gel all over my face, then with circular motions I rub the gel into my face. As you can see in photo below (although it is demonstrated on my hand) the gel becomes bitty as it works its magic, removing the dead skin and deep cleaning the skin.

Ginerva marvel gel

Marvel Gel is £24 for 60ml. I got mine from here

Have you tried Marvel Gel? How did you find it? Are there any similar products you're aware of that you think I should try? Please, comment below xx

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My Louise Young Brush Collection

I have been meaning to write this post since July of last year, however as you know I've been ill for a while and haven't gotten round to it.

Now I don't have a complete collection of Louise Young brushes (yet) but what I do have I love and use on a daily basis.

makeup brushes, Louise young makeup brushes

makeup brushes, best makeup brushes, louise young makeup brushes

I feel I should start by telling you the top two brushes you see, LY02 and LY39 were given to me by Louise Young Cosmetics and the rest were purchased with my own money.
These two brushes were not provided for review purposes and will not affect my opinions. 
Let me explain, back in July of last year I was washing my makeup brushes and I tweeted that my MAC 224 brush had shed so much hair it was starting to look like my LY38a brush which is clearly alot smaller and is for more precise crease work not a blending brush like the 224.
Shortly after this tweet I was contacted by Louise Young Cosmetics to ask if everything was OK with my LY38A, which it was. I thought this was fantastic customer service and emailed them to say so. To thank me for my feedback I was asked for my address and a few days later these brushes arrived.

makeup brushes, louise young makeup brushes, best makeup brushes, Louise young cosmetics

Now for the review, I thought the best way to do this was one brush at a time starting with order of use.

LY02, Foundation Taklon £24.50 here

foundation brush, ly02

foundation brush,  LY02

Now firstly let me tell you that my preferred choice for a foundation brush would be a flat top buffing brush, therefore had I not been sent this brush I probably wouldn't have tried it and boy! Would I be missing out.

I'm sure I've told you already that my skin is not so much combination but more bipolar, it is either very dry or oily. 
As you know using a buffing brush to apply a base onto dry skin is asking for trouble and will create a flaky skin mess. Therefore on dry skin days I will reach for this beauty. 

The first thing I noticed about this brush was how soft and dense the bristles are. It has quite a large brush head although not their biggest, see LY34 Super Foundation Brush here.
The LY02 is so soft and glides over the skin effortlessly making light work of foundation application due to its large brush head. 

If these types of foundation brushes are your favourite then I totally recommend you give the LY02 a go.

LY39, Domed Shadow Brush £17 here

eyeshadow brush,  ly39

This brush I use daily for applying shadow to my lid, the shape, size and density of the brush head makes it perfect for both sweeping shadow across the lid and also packing the shadow on. 

The LY39 is not as stiff as say the more popularly known MAC 239, I love this as it can be used as a one brush wonder to apply and blend out your eyeshadow when you're in a rush or like to keep it simple.

Overall this is my favourite of my Louise Young brushes due to its precision and flexibility. 

LY38a and LY38b - Tapered Shadow Brushes £16 and £15 here

tapered eyeshadow brush, LY38A

tapered eyeshadow brush, ly38b

I said I would review each brush individually however as you can see these are both variations of the same brush. The difference being the LY38b is a smaller version of the LY38a.

The paintbrush style tapered brush heads make these brushes the perfect choice for detailed crease work and cut creases. The tip of the brushes can also be used to highlight the tear duct area, under the brow bone and smaller areas like the cupids bow.

I don't have nor have I seen any similar brushes from other brands, I'm not saying they don't exist just that I'm not familiar with any.

These have become firm favourites in my brush collection and I recommend everyone should have at least one of these brushes in their collection. 

LY25, Synthetic Eyeliner Brush £8 here

eyeliner brush, ly25

Firstly, let me apologise for the dried liner on the ferrule, the brush itself is clean but I do not want to scrub the dried liner off for fear of water or brush cleaner getting into the ferrule and dissolving the glue or damaging the bristles of the brush.

Before I got this brush angled liner brushes were my tools of choice, once I started using this brush that instantly changed. Both the handle and the brush are so dainty it is perfect to use around the small eye area and allows you to control the thickness of the line easily. 

As you can see the price of the brush is very reasonable also.

Overall I love these brushes and would recommend them all. If for any reason I was to lose one of these brushes they would be missed in my collection and I would repurchase them immediately. 

I'm looking forward to trying more brushes from Louise Young,  have you tried these brushes or others from the brand? How did you find them? I would love to hear your recommendations. 

Please comment below xxx

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Wonder Water

cleanser, Bioderma, micellar water, collin, gentle eye makeup remover

Collin Demaquillant Cleanser

Micellar water is huge at the moment, heard of Bioderma? Thought so! It seems every beauty blogger and vlogger can't get enough of the stuff! 

I have heard both good and bad reviews of Bioderma, majority of people say they love it but it doesn't remove all of their makeup, this is what stopped me scouting ebay (not so readily available unless you're in France) to buy a bottle. I just didn't see a point if I would still need my makeup remover and thought of it an extra step that wasn't really required.

Getting to the review. I placed an order with Cult Beauty a few weeks ago, when my order arrived they had included a deluxe sample of Collin Demaquillant Cleanser 50ml. So why not give it a go hey?

I took my little cotton round, soaked on some product, placed it over my eye for a few seconds as I do with my regular makeup remover then wiped it away. I should tell you firstly I was wearing a lot of eye makeup,  mascara in particular and a smoky eye.
Imagine my surprise when I looked into the mirror and all that was left on my eye was a few tiny remnants which I wiped away with the opposite side of the round. One teeny tiny cotton round and 'water' removed the whole lot of eye makeup! I repeated this on the other eye, obviously! Again it cleared all my eye makeup with one cotton round, left no residue and felt just as delicate on my skin as regular water.

Since the first time I used this I have continued to use it daily as a makeup remover. I have hardly made a dent in the bottle so can see this 50ml will last a good while. Will I repurchase? 100% yes!

You can purchase this product at Cult Beauty, 200ml £21.

Have you used Collin Demaquillant Cleanser or Bioderma? Id love to hear how you found them, please comment below.