Sunday, 5 February 2012

Favourite Nail Polishes at the Moment

I am absolutely loving these at the moment, they are both from the Nicole by O.P.I range Kardashian Kolors.
They don't seem to be showing up very well with my camera but i'm sure there's hundred of pics online already. They all have the usual O.P.I cute names incorporating the Kardashian girls names. Both of my faves are the Kylie Jenner named polishes.
In the UK they're available from, in the states at Walmart and Ulta not sure of other worldwide stockists but that's what googles for right?

Read to bottom for tips on removing glitter polish.

Rainbow in the S-Kylie:
Kardashians, rainbow in the skylie, glitter nail polish, Kylie jenner, Nicole by opi, opi

This is beautiful it has all different sizes and colours of glitter in it. Green, gold, silver and turquoise to pick out the most prominent. Best effect is acheived after two coats, I would recommend dabbing this onto nails rather than sweeping it in the usual way as it builds and shows up better.
Kardashians, rainbow in the skylie, glitter nail polish, Kylie jenner, Nicole by opi, opi

Kardashians, rainbow in the skylie, glitter nail polish, Kylie jenner, Nicole by opi, opi

Kardashians, rainbow in the skylie, Kylie jenner, glitter nail polish, Nicole by opi, opi

Wear Something Spar-Kylie:
Kardashians, Kylie Jenner, Glitter nail polish, nicole by opi, opi, wear something sparkylie

This is probably the best glitter polish i've ever used, its not your average glitter polish which is usually coloured nail polish with glitter in this is glitter polish, so much glitter in the polish there are no gaps between the particles. Its hard to explain sure you will understand my ramblings when you see the photos. This is so quick drying that the first nail is ready for a second coat by the time you've reached the last nail on that hand.

Kardashians, Kylie jenner, glitter nail polish, wear something sparkylie, Nicole by opi, opi

kardashians, Kylie jenner, glitter nail polish, wear something sparkylie, Nicole by opi, opi

Tip For removing glitter nail polish; soak a cotton wool ball in nail polish remover and place over the nail, take tin foil/aluminium foil and wrap this around the cotton wool to keep on the nail. After five minutes remove the foil and cotton and voila. 

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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Sleek MakeUp idivine Acid Palette

I absolutely love sleek makeup I cannot rate it enough I have most of the palettes and will be using them to create some looks this week.

This Look has been created with the idivine Acid palette here's a pic for those of you that haven't seen it before:

sleek acid palette,  sleek makeup

These neon brights come out the same colour on your skin as they are in the palette. I find all sleek eyeshadow to be great quality and highly pigmented so there can be a bit of fall out but for approx £6 for 12 great quality eyeshadows I can live with it.

Pink and Purple Leopard Print:
leopard print makeup, pink leopard print, purple leopard print
leopard print makeup, pink leopard print, purple leopard print

I began by colouring the lid in with a chunky purple eyeshadow pencil and taking it up in a flick towards the brow, any purple pencil will do but try not to go too much darker than the purple eyeshadow. 
Then taking the purple from the palette and a flat eyeshadow brush pat (don't sweep) the eyeshadow all over the shape you made with the pencil, don't blend this is a dramatic look it doesn't need it.
Next take any white eye pencil and make rough circles on top of the purple shadow where you want the spots to be, keep these relatively small and spaced out as you will need to be able to outline them.
Once happy with the placement of the spots take a pencil brush and the pink shade from the palette, pat this over the top of the white pencil marks until there is no white showing through.
Take a black liquid or gel liner and draw rough 'C' shapes around the spots, do not draw a ring around the whole spot go halfway round some 3/4 of the way around others and change the direction you draw them in i.e some this way ( and some this way ). Finally using the liner place a few black dots randomly in the empty spaces.
Using a black eye pencil line your upper and lower waterline. Take a black gel liner and line the perimeter of the eye extending the flick along upto where your purple flick ends. Bring the liner down in the inside corner/tearduct to create a V shape.
Curl lashes and apply mascara.

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I will be adding more looks over the next few days using the other idivines I absolutely adore them!

¡hasta luego! xxx

First of my Favorite Palettes - Urban Decay NAKED

So everyone knows about the NAKED palette it needs no intro and must have a billion reviews online. Here's a few of my favourite looks using it. The pictures are not the best quality I will be looking into how I can improve the images but ive not got the first idea how to edit. Pics taken with a standard 15mp cyber shot im not the best photographer as you can see so will be asking somebody else to photograph next time.

This is my everyday look takes about 30 seconds no makeup makeup
green eye, natural makeup, naked palette
I have applied UD Primer Potion all over the lid, then I took the shade Naked which is a matte shade and perfect match for my skintone and using a large fluffy brush applied this over my whole lid right up to the brow. 
I then took the shade Buck , also matte on a MAC 217 and using light pressure and small circle motions applied this to my crease and outer V. 
Next I took Virgin on a clean 217 and lightly dusted over my brow for a slight highlight. I took the same shade on a MAC 219 pencil brush and applied to my tearduct.
Finally curled my lashes and applied two coat of Illamasqua Masquara.

Sometimes for a bit more definition I will also take an angled liner brush and using the colour creep from the same palette I push the shadow into my top lash line then blend it out.
green eye, natural makeup, naked palette

If I have a bit more time I will line my top lashline with Clinique Brush on Cream Liner in black winging it up towards the end of my brows.
green eye, natural makeup, winged liner, naked palette

My second look is much warmer and I've used two of my favourite shades Half Baked which also makes an appearance in the NAKED 2 palette.

green eye, natural makeup, gold eyeshadow, naked palette

Again I applied Primer Potion all over the lid and then with an Urban Decay flat shadow brush patted Half Baked from the inside corner halfway across my lid. 
Then using the same brush I took Smog and applied this to the rest of the eye blending into the half baked gently with an ELF Bamboo Blending Brush.
Using a Louise Young LY38 brush I took Dark Horse and applied to the crease of my eye blended, reapplied and blended again.
I then took the shade Hustle on my blending brush and buffed it into the crease for a bit more definition and warmth.
Finally I took Virgin on a 217 and lightly highlighted my brow bone.
I finished with curling my lashes and applying two coats of Masquara.

Here ive added to the look with a gold chunky liner pencil under the eye and the same shadows mirroring the top lid blended underneath the lashes.
green eye, natural makeup, gold eyeshadow, naked palette

To give it a more night out feel I've lined the top lashline with Clinique Brush on Cream Liner in Black. Lined the upper and lower waterlines with Avon Supershock Gel Liner in black and took gold glitter and pushed into the liner under the lower lashes.
green eye, gold eyeshadow, winged liner, naked palette

(Why have I only got half an eyebrow on these pics???)

The Final look I've created with this palette is a basic Smokey Eye.
green eye, Smokey eye, smoky eye, naked palette

I applied Primer Potion and when dry with an UD shadow brush patted Gunmetal over the entire lid from the very inside corner. I then blended this out with a 217.
I then took Creep on the same shadow brush and patted this onto the outer third of the lid blending upwards and outwards towards the brow. 
On a 219 pencil brush I took Virgin and applied this liberally to the tear duct and inside corner, blended this into the Gunmetal and also upwards towards the brow. I also took this on a 217 and highlighted the brow.
I finished off with curling the lashes and applying two coats of Illamasqua Masquara.

For a more dramatic look I added Avon Supershock Gel Liner to the upper and lower waterlines and smudged Gunmetal under the lower lash line. 
green eye, smoky eye, Smokey eye, naked palette

Again I apologise for the quality of the photos and hope they're not too bad for you too see what I'm talking about.

I will be uploading more looks tomorrow I have created with more of my favourite palettes. I will be getting my Wayne (aka David Bailey) to take the photos. Some of these will be a little more  out there but that's where the fun is.

¡hasta luego! xxx

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Very First Blog Post (eeeeeeek!!!)

So finally decided to create my own blog after being inspired by many fun, interesting and insightful blogs I subscribe to. Fingers crossed mine will have the same attributes I promise, cross my heart and hope to die I will try not to bore the life out of you and do all I can to be entertaining being I actually get a subscriber anyway lets leave it here hope you enjoy my upcoming posts ¡hasta luego! xxx