Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My Louise Young Brush Collection

I have been meaning to write this post since July of last year, however as you know I've been ill for a while and haven't gotten round to it.

Now I don't have a complete collection of Louise Young brushes (yet) but what I do have I love and use on a daily basis.

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I feel I should start by telling you the top two brushes you see, LY02 and LY39 were given to me by Louise Young Cosmetics and the rest were purchased with my own money.
These two brushes were not provided for review purposes and will not affect my opinions. 
Let me explain, back in July of last year I was washing my makeup brushes and I tweeted that my MAC 224 brush had shed so much hair it was starting to look like my LY38a brush which is clearly alot smaller and is for more precise crease work not a blending brush like the 224.
Shortly after this tweet I was contacted by Louise Young Cosmetics to ask if everything was OK with my LY38A, which it was. I thought this was fantastic customer service and emailed them to say so. To thank me for my feedback I was asked for my address and a few days later these brushes arrived.

makeup brushes, louise young makeup brushes, best makeup brushes, Louise young cosmetics

Now for the review, I thought the best way to do this was one brush at a time starting with order of use.

LY02, Foundation Taklon £24.50 here

foundation brush, ly02

foundation brush,  LY02

Now firstly let me tell you that my preferred choice for a foundation brush would be a flat top buffing brush, therefore had I not been sent this brush I probably wouldn't have tried it and boy! Would I be missing out.

I'm sure I've told you already that my skin is not so much combination but more bipolar, it is either very dry or oily. 
As you know using a buffing brush to apply a base onto dry skin is asking for trouble and will create a flaky skin mess. Therefore on dry skin days I will reach for this beauty. 

The first thing I noticed about this brush was how soft and dense the bristles are. It has quite a large brush head although not their biggest, see LY34 Super Foundation Brush here.
The LY02 is so soft and glides over the skin effortlessly making light work of foundation application due to its large brush head. 

If these types of foundation brushes are your favourite then I totally recommend you give the LY02 a go.

LY39, Domed Shadow Brush £17 here

eyeshadow brush,  ly39

This brush I use daily for applying shadow to my lid, the shape, size and density of the brush head makes it perfect for both sweeping shadow across the lid and also packing the shadow on. 

The LY39 is not as stiff as say the more popularly known MAC 239, I love this as it can be used as a one brush wonder to apply and blend out your eyeshadow when you're in a rush or like to keep it simple.

Overall this is my favourite of my Louise Young brushes due to its precision and flexibility. 

LY38a and LY38b - Tapered Shadow Brushes £16 and £15 here

tapered eyeshadow brush, LY38A

tapered eyeshadow brush, ly38b

I said I would review each brush individually however as you can see these are both variations of the same brush. The difference being the LY38b is a smaller version of the LY38a.

The paintbrush style tapered brush heads make these brushes the perfect choice for detailed crease work and cut creases. The tip of the brushes can also be used to highlight the tear duct area, under the brow bone and smaller areas like the cupids bow.

I don't have nor have I seen any similar brushes from other brands, I'm not saying they don't exist just that I'm not familiar with any.

These have become firm favourites in my brush collection and I recommend everyone should have at least one of these brushes in their collection. 

LY25, Synthetic Eyeliner Brush £8 here

eyeliner brush, ly25

Firstly, let me apologise for the dried liner on the ferrule, the brush itself is clean but I do not want to scrub the dried liner off for fear of water or brush cleaner getting into the ferrule and dissolving the glue or damaging the bristles of the brush.

Before I got this brush angled liner brushes were my tools of choice, once I started using this brush that instantly changed. Both the handle and the brush are so dainty it is perfect to use around the small eye area and allows you to control the thickness of the line easily. 

As you can see the price of the brush is very reasonable also.

Overall I love these brushes and would recommend them all. If for any reason I was to lose one of these brushes they would be missed in my collection and I would repurchase them immediately. 

I'm looking forward to trying more brushes from Louise Young,  have you tried these brushes or others from the brand? How did you find them? I would love to hear your recommendations. 

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  1. i heard them brushes are amazing!


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