Monday, 1 October 2012

Where Ive Been

Hiya Everyone,

Im sorry ive been away for such a long time, I have had computer problems as well as being ill. 
Ive just got back from my hospital appointment and am hoping my new medication will work for me and have me on the mend ASAP.
I have had to stop working for a while due to my illness and my daughter is starting nursery for a few days a week soon Im going to have more time to myself and hopefully will start feeling better so I can get back to blogging especially as I had such a false start last time.
Thank you so much for reading and following even though ive not updated for a long time, and all your lovely comments which I just love to read and respond to.
My followers are creeping up towards the 100 mark and to show my appreciation I will be holding a giveaway when it does. I would like to do something different so would appreciate any ideas you have in the comments below.

Again thank you so much, you're all dolls xxxxxxxxxxx