Monday, 11 February 2013

Jouer Highlighter - Champagne

jouer Highlighter

Jouer Highlighter - Champagne

After receiving a sample of Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint with a Cult Beauty order I tried it and was so impressed I purchased the full size that same evening. 
Whilst placing my order I decided I wanted to try more of their products and this highlighter took my eye.

jouer Highlighter Champagne

It appears really pink in the pan but as you can see in the swatch below it shows up a lot more golden/beige on my skin.

Jouer Highlighter Champagne swatch

jouer Highlighter Champagne swatch

It's a really lightweight formulation, it applies nicely with a stippling brush but I prefer to use my fingers as it just melts into the skin and leaves behind this beautiful sheen. Not to mention it contains vitamin e and shea butter which we all know are fantastic for our skin.

It lasted all day on my skin which is pretty dry at the moment however the way it melts into the skin I think will give it great longevity on oilier skins too.

Overall this is one of the best highlighters I've tried, I will be adding shade Tiare to my collection and trying out many more Jouer products, I can see them quickly becoming my favourite brand.

Jouer Highlighter £16 available here
(Link provided for your convenience, I am not affiliated with the company)


  1. Oh what a beauty!!!! Xx

  2. This looks beautiful. I don't own any highlighters but I intend on purchasing one. I'm just unsure what will go with my NC43 skin tone. :(

    1. I'm NC35 so I'm lighter than you but I think this would look beautiful on you too. I would recommend you steer clear of very white pink highlighters (eg Benefit High Beam) I would go for more gold toned or dusky pink toned highlighters maybe MAC Gold Deposit or Stereo Rose. NARS Orgasm Blush would look really pretty as a highlight too. Hope this helps xx

    2. You won't believe I was going to order High Beam because I've read so many good reviews about it but isn't Moon Beam for olive skin tones? I spoke to a MAC MUA on their Facebook chat yesterday, Monica Godinez and she recommended Gold Deposit since it's closer to my skin tone but if I'm looking for a highlighter for my cheeks to purchase the Soft & Gentle. She also added that Hush in the Creame Color Base would be a good highlighter for NC43. Do you have any experience using Creame Color Base as highlighters? I've never heard of it before. Now I'm quite unsure which to purchase! I've heard good reviews on NARS Orgasm I'm planning on purchasing that soon.

    3. Yeah Moon Beam or Sun Beam are more suited to Olive Skin, the cream colour bases are easier to apply if you're new to highlighting. You can apply them with your fingers and the heat of your hands will blend them in really well. Hush would look beautiful on you, google a swatch of it to get an idea. You can apply the benefit beams with fingers too but you don't have as much blending time.
      I use Soft and Gentle and also in the summer when I tend to be much darker so I would recommend it too, its really hard to go wrong with it so probably best to start with. I use a fan brush to sweep across my high points.
      Im always here if you have any questions xx