Sunday, 13 January 2013

Wonder Water

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Collin Demaquillant Cleanser

Micellar water is huge at the moment, heard of Bioderma? Thought so! It seems every beauty blogger and vlogger can't get enough of the stuff! 

I have heard both good and bad reviews of Bioderma, majority of people say they love it but it doesn't remove all of their makeup, this is what stopped me scouting ebay (not so readily available unless you're in France) to buy a bottle. I just didn't see a point if I would still need my makeup remover and thought of it an extra step that wasn't really required.

Getting to the review. I placed an order with Cult Beauty a few weeks ago, when my order arrived they had included a deluxe sample of Collin Demaquillant Cleanser 50ml. So why not give it a go hey?

I took my little cotton round, soaked on some product, placed it over my eye for a few seconds as I do with my regular makeup remover then wiped it away. I should tell you firstly I was wearing a lot of eye makeup,  mascara in particular and a smoky eye.
Imagine my surprise when I looked into the mirror and all that was left on my eye was a few tiny remnants which I wiped away with the opposite side of the round. One teeny tiny cotton round and 'water' removed the whole lot of eye makeup! I repeated this on the other eye, obviously! Again it cleared all my eye makeup with one cotton round, left no residue and felt just as delicate on my skin as regular water.

Since the first time I used this I have continued to use it daily as a makeup remover. I have hardly made a dent in the bottle so can see this 50ml will last a good while. Will I repurchase? 100% yes!

You can purchase this product at Cult Beauty, 200ml £21.

Have you used Collin Demaquillant Cleanser or Bioderma? Id love to hear how you found them, please comment below.


  1. This sounds good, i find Bioderma really good but it doesn't bode well with some mascaras and that's what I usually need taking off x

    1. Id definitely give this a try, I wear a lot of mascara and this removed most of it in one swipe x

  2. Sounds like a great product - I look out for it when I have used up my vichy and bioderma micellar waters :)