Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My Favourite Lipsticks Part One - Nudes

First of all let me apologise for the photo quality, the snow has melted and it has been so dull. I've been everywhere in the house and out in the garden but the lighting has been abysmal everywhere. I will therefore take better photos when the lighting improves and edit this post.

nude lipstick

L-R Kate Moss Lasting Finish - No19, Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick - Starlight, MAC - Shy Girl, Rimmel Moisture Renew - 720 Notting Hill Nude, Loreal Colour Riche - 102 Beige Praline.
(Photo Below in Same Order)

nude lipstick swatches

1. Kate Moss Lasting Finish - No19 £5.49 here
Where to begin? I LOVE this lipstick. The Formula is beautiful, so creamy, glides on and is richly pigmented. I can't quite explain the finish, I believe Rimmel describe these as matte I find it's sort of semi matte with a sheen and more comfortable to wear than a matte.
This is my most reached for nude at the moment. I prefer nudes that are more dusty rose, my lips but better shades and this is exactly that! It is slightly darker than my natural lip.
I have seen this called a dupe for Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle. I don't have the Chanel lipstick regrettably so I can't swatch however; I've had a good old Google and you can see the comparisons here on Flutura Whispers blog.

2. Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick - Starlight
Before I got the lipstick above this was my favourite nude, however I prefer the finish of the former lipstick. I have had this lipstick for a good while, since before my daughter was born so at least 3yrs. I think this is the oldest lipstick in my collection, it is probably past its use by date but I can't bring myself to chuck it especially as it's now been discontinued. Just my luck!
I would also describe this as semi matte however it doesn't have the sheen of the former. It is pretty much a match for my lip colour so it perfects the lip and looks really natural. 
This has the best staying power out of the five, it is extremely long lasting hence why a well used lipstick has lasted so long.

3. MAC - Shy Girl £14 here
Clearly the lightest nude in my favourites, totally different than the others. Shy Girl is more of a peach nude. 
I prefer to wear this during the summer when my skin is darker, as I have strong yellow undertones in my skin it can intensify them making me look like Marge Simpson. I do wear this during the winter but I will apply a dusty rose colour (predictably) over the top.
Its a Cremesheen finish which is my favourite of the MAC finishes. It's creamy, glossy and hydrating. Not very long wearing but most lipsticks do tend to wear off on me rather quickly,  maybe its because I never shut up!

4. Rimmel Moisture Renew - 720 Notting Hill Nude £6.29 here.
Yet another dusky pink nude although this is slightly lighter than the others. It still looks natural (obviously its a 'nude') but a little more 'done up!'. I like to team it with a Smokey Eye.
This formula is gorgeous as the name would suggest it is very moisturising and feels great on the lips.
It's not particularly long lasting but what moisturising lipsticks are? These are infused with vitamins A, C and E. It also has spf20. Who cares if you need to reapply you're conditioning your lips each time.

5. Loreal Colour Riche - 102 Beige Praline £6.19 here
This is the most brown toned nude in my collection, this is because they don't suit me particularly well. So why is this in my favourites? Because it has a frost finish (which I also don't like), it is packed with gold shimmer. I think that's why I can't get it to photograph particularly well. In the above swatch it shows a lot more yellow toned which I put down to the gold shimmer. Back to why I love it, it looks amazing with a tan! Natural or out of a bottle. I love a glowing, bronzed complexion. 
A look I like to wear a lot is light base, cream bronzer on all the high points of my face and through the eye sockets, golden highlighter, mascara and a slick of this on my lips. It really ties the look together. It gives the appearance and glow of somebody who's just returned from a fortnight in Tahiti!
This lipstick also contains omega oils so is also very nourishing, comfortable to wear but not particularly long lasting. 

I love this type of post, if you've done a post on this please link it in the comments, if not you can always just tell me your favourites below.

Disclaimer: Links provided are for your convenience, I am not affiliated with any of these companies.


  1. I still need to try Shy Girl from Mac I have heard so many good things about it.

    1. You should its not too light, it will compliment your skintone x

  2. I love Kate's Lipsticks i cant get enough of them! I have more of the daring shades in them tho! Noce post!


    1. Thanks Pippa. I have a couple of really dark ones and about 3 reds I can't get enough of them! Favourite reds will be next post up, pretty sure the Kates will be in it x

  3. I didn't even know there was a rimmel no19. I have 18 I think. Need to swatch that one asap!