Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Favourite Lipsticks Part Two - Pinks

best pink lipsticks

L-R Lime Crime - Centrifuchsia, MAC - Impassioned, Rimmel Moisture Renew - Oxford Street Fuchsia, Revlon - 002 Pink Pout, Lasting Finish by Kate Moss (for Rimmel) - 101
(Order is the same in picture below also)

pink lipstick swatches

1. Lime Crime - Centrifuchsia £11.50 here
Firstly I have to mention the packaging, I love pink, I love unicorns,  I love holographic sparkles but oh my word! This is hideous! 
Packaging aside this is absolutely beautiful. Its a bright,  blue toned (makes your teeth look whiter) pink and very richly pigmented, so much so I've actually found this to stain my lips. Some mightn't like this but I love the just bitten/berry stained hue it leaves behind.
As it is so highly pigmented I recommend you use a matching lip liner and and a lip brush to apply. The actual product is very creamy therefore application is a breeze.

2. MAC - Impassioned £14 here
This swatch is showing this up to look more red as it has a lot less blue than the lipsticks swatched either side. Impassioned is a yellow toned, bright pink. It is very complimentary to my yellow toned complexion, it is really brightening and brings any look to life.
Impassioned is an Amplified finish, another of my favourites. As the name suggests Amplifieds really pack a punch!
I love to wear this with a very natural makeup look, as it's so bright I feel this is the best way, neutral eyes, cheeks and a statement lip.

3. Rimmel Moisture Renew - Oxford Street Fuchsia £6.29 here
Hmmm the name of this lipstick is very misleading, this is not a fuchsia. I would describe it as more of a light bubblegum pink. Which sounds scary but it is very wearable. 
As I've said before I love the light, moisturising, vitamin packed formulation. It's not long wearing but that doesn't bother me, each application is more nourishment for my lips.

4. Revlon - 002 Pink Pout £7.49 here
Probably my most worn pink lipstick. It's one step up from a nude, slightly more pink than my usual everyday dusky pink nudes and lighter in colour, I would liken it to MAC Snob. Which I can't seem to find anywhere or it would be in my favourites. It's probably in one of my 8 billion handbags (slight exaggeration). Ive googled away to find a comparison which wasn't very hard is a post by Makeup and Macaroons which clearly shows how similar they are. Pink Pout is slightly warmer in tone and also more matte, if my memory serves me right Snob is a Satin finish.
Although it is a matte finish it is comfortable to wear and not at all drying yet still remains to be long wearing.

5. Lasting Finish by Kate Moss (for Rimmel) - 101 £5.49 here
Another shade I wear a lot. This is similar to the former although it is slightly darker and warmer. Another slightly more pink to be a nude shade but just as easy to wear.
As ive said before these are described as matte finish but there is a sheen to them. Nothing frosty but not flat matte.
It's comfortable to wear, goes on nicely and has a considerable amount of staying power to boot.

As I said on my nude lipsticks post I enjoy reading this type of post, if you have one please link it below. I would also love to hear any recommendations you think I should try.

Disclaimer: All links provided for your convenience, I am not affiliated with any of the companies. 


  1. A girl can never have enough lipsticks! Nice collection :)

    1. Tell that to the hubby he thinks im crazy! Thanks Zubia x

  2. these type of posts are amazing! I want the last 2! Think I will go swatch them this weekend =) xx

    1. I love these types of posts you can't get better recommendations than somebodys favourite can you? You will really suit those shades x