Saturday, 4 February 2012

Sleek MakeUp idivine Acid Palette

I absolutely love sleek makeup I cannot rate it enough I have most of the palettes and will be using them to create some looks this week.

This Look has been created with the idivine Acid palette here's a pic for those of you that haven't seen it before:

sleek acid palette,  sleek makeup

These neon brights come out the same colour on your skin as they are in the palette. I find all sleek eyeshadow to be great quality and highly pigmented so there can be a bit of fall out but for approx £6 for 12 great quality eyeshadows I can live with it.

Pink and Purple Leopard Print:
leopard print makeup, pink leopard print, purple leopard print
leopard print makeup, pink leopard print, purple leopard print

I began by colouring the lid in with a chunky purple eyeshadow pencil and taking it up in a flick towards the brow, any purple pencil will do but try not to go too much darker than the purple eyeshadow. 
Then taking the purple from the palette and a flat eyeshadow brush pat (don't sweep) the eyeshadow all over the shape you made with the pencil, don't blend this is a dramatic look it doesn't need it.
Next take any white eye pencil and make rough circles on top of the purple shadow where you want the spots to be, keep these relatively small and spaced out as you will need to be able to outline them.
Once happy with the placement of the spots take a pencil brush and the pink shade from the palette, pat this over the top of the white pencil marks until there is no white showing through.
Take a black liquid or gel liner and draw rough 'C' shapes around the spots, do not draw a ring around the whole spot go halfway round some 3/4 of the way around others and change the direction you draw them in i.e some this way ( and some this way ). Finally using the liner place a few black dots randomly in the empty spaces.
Using a black eye pencil line your upper and lower waterline. Take a black gel liner and line the perimeter of the eye extending the flick along upto where your purple flick ends. Bring the liner down in the inside corner/tearduct to create a V shape.
Curl lashes and apply mascara.

Hope you like it please comment and subscribe.

I will be adding more looks over the next few days using the other idivines I absolutely adore them!

¡hasta luego! xxx


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